First Day of School Pics

nahomi d

I hope all you guys had a great first day of school!!!

Me and my bother started Middle School this year. I was little nervous but once i saw my friends from elementary school I felt much better. This is me and my brother DJ with our friend Rachel. My mom printed out these signs for us, they were suppose to be black and white but the printer was acting up.

nahomi d


I am wearing all black converse because at my school its a rule. My mom got them at Famous Footwear. I like them because I don’t need to tie them.



My little sister and brother are still at our old school. My little brother said he missed seeing me at school…awwww…

esther a

Talk to you later,




3 Comments  to  First Day of School Pics

  1. Nahomi says:

    converse sneakers are the best

  2. Nahomi says:

    cool that looks good

  3. Kiani says:

    Who won it?

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