Snackeez Review

Snapshot 1 (6-2-2015 11-11 PM)

Hi I love eating snacks with juice. My mom found a perfect cup so I can do both using just one cup. Snackeez!!!Snapshot 1 (6-2-2015 11-11 PM)


Watch me show you how to use it. If you want more info check out my moms blog here.

You can buy the cup here

See you later,


Disclaimer: Mami Does It All was given Snackeez in exchange for an honest review.

One Comment  to  Snackeez Review

  1. Sue E says:

    I bought these Snackeez cups & gave some to my grandkids. They LOVE them & take them just about everywhere. They fill-up their cups with what they want to drink & the snack of the day like the handsome sales boy, Abraham!! TWO THUMBS UP!!

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