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GoodBye Christopher Robin Movie Review


Last week I was invited to watch the movie Goodbye Christopher Robin and a q&a with the director, at first, I thought it was going to very boring and I wasn’t very interested in it, but when I watched it I was completely blown away.
The movie experience was good because I learned the real story of the creation of Winne the pooh and all the background. Christopher Robin was an actual person in real life. His dad did a story on him and his imagination, the story was called Winne the pooh. Though it was a good story book it had a harsh reality, and impacted Christopher robin.
One of my favorite parts of the movie was when Christopher and his father were playing in the woods and having a bond be formed between them. Christopher did not really have a great relationship with his father so this scene was magnificent to the plot and a major part to the creation of Winne the pooh. This scene is when Christopher plays with his bear and his father observes him and a whole idea is formed.image-fda054f0-b635-4198-9d92-e7062e2baaef poster-4d3eb933-2630-406d-86bd-6d7be9df67b3
One of my other favorite parts was, that even though this scene was very emotional it was so deep when the nanny of Christopher robins quit. This character might be familiar with you because this character was also in the Winne the pooh books. The nanny quit because she was getting married so not everything in the book was reality.
Also, this movie was a great to watch because it was not only funny and enjoyable to watch but had a great amount of vulnerability in it. This movie was placed in such a sad time because the movie was taken place right after world war 1 so it had so much tension. But this movie contained joy, saddens, anger, and above all happiness.

I also got the chance to ask the Director a question and he loved the question!

QUESTION: How did you get the boy the to stand next to the bear?

SIMON CURTIS: That’s a very good question. Do you want the real answer that spoils the magic? The umm, obviously the boy was in the real London Zoo and we were supposed to do it with a trained bear in London, but unfortunately the trained bear passed away before we got to do it. So we didn’t know what we were going to do, actually, because you can’t use and uh, and also in fact, that bear was in a zoo was in California and the magic of cinema we put them together. But good question. Because actually I couldn’t believe that when we were doing the research that that photograph which we put on at the end there actually happened. The health and safety meant something very different in those days.”